How Victoria’s Secret Impacts Body Image: A Letter to My Daughter

biblical body image for moms for teens Feb 14, 2024
How Victoria’s Secret Impacts Body Image A Letter to My Daughter

I wrote this quick letter to my daughter about her value a few months ago, the evening that the Victoria’s Secret swimsuit special aired on national television. I think our girls have it tough on the body image front in this Victoria’s Secret world we live in. I already shared part of this letter on Facebook, but I thought it’d be appropriate to share here about how Victoria’s Secret impacts body image.

To My Dear Daughter:

I’m sorry to have brought you into a world where a lingerie company can air a television special dedicated to the objectification of women.

I pray that as you grow you will know your value is far greater than how you look in a bathing suit. It grieves me that a generation of your future suitors may have already been exposed to the Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit show under the guise of “if it’s on TV it can’t be that bad.”

Instead, I wish they’d take the posture that if it’s on TV it can’t be that good. So much of what our culture yells to you about your body and your value and beauty is just plain wrong. Those models don’t have it easier or better than you or I do. Nor do they lead charmed and happy lives because they wear a size zero. That’s not to say that all models are unhappy. But, rather that being loved for your physical appearance feels lonely and hollow.

Beauty lies to us about these things. We just have to make sure not to believe it.

My sweet, sweet girl, God created you with a far greater purpose than to have a hot body for men to ogle. I pray that you will always know your value is securely found in his sacrifice for you and not in how you can “rock” a bikini.

I pray that he will protect you from the lies of the enemy that tell you otherwise.

Love, Mom

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