Transform Your Body Image in 40 Days with Heather's Reading Challenge

Are you ready to make peace with your body and feel God's purpose and pleasure in and for your life? Join us for a 40 day journey to explore what scripture says about your body and to uncover why you may be stuck in body image issues so that you can be free!

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First: Get the Book

Snag a copy of the 40-Day Body Image Workbook wherever you prefer to buy your Christian books or on Amazon here. (Amazon affiliate link.)

Take the Body Image Quiz first, then start reading so you're ready to discuss the first 7 days on Tuesday, May 21st! 

Second: Plan for Meetings with Heather

We'll have six group meetings to keep you accountable and encouraged as you go on the 40-Day Body Image journey through the workbook. We'll meet on Zoom on Tuesday afternoons at 1pm eastern or Tuesday evenings at 7:30 eastern time starting May 21st and ending June 25th.

Third: Show Up!

The 40-day reading challenge weekly meetings are a chance for you to connect with other women reading the book. You can ask Heather questions, encourage others, and be encouraged as you engage in the seven weekly meetings. Life happens - so if you miss a meeting don't worry, we'll record it for you! 

Imagine How it Would Feel to Stop Stressing Over Your Body?

Give it 40-Days and see that change is possible!

Instead of starting another new diet or fitness plan, why not try something different that will actually heal your body image issues from the inside out.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What You'll Get:

  • 6 group meetings via Zoom to work through the content weekly.
  • The opportunity to ask Heather questions about your journey or the book content, each week in the group time.
  • Access to group recordings if you miss a session or wanted to hear something again!
  • The chance to talk with other group members in community.
  • Possibility of connecting with other group members for ongoing support and camraderie.
  • Leading a group through this book already? Email Heather for a special discount code!
  • Are you a pastor's wife or women's ministry leader? Ask Heather for a discount code!
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