40 Days of Thought-Provoking Encouragement

Are you ready for a book that will take you deeper into the why behind your body image issues? Then, the 40-Day Body Image Workbook is for you. Through humor, grace, and an authentic look at a Christian woman's struggle with body and food, you'll be encouraged to find a new path out of body image frustration and into body image freedom!

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A Comparison-Free Life is Possible Through Grace

Ever wonder why it’s so easy to compare ourselves to others? Or, why it’s so difficult to stop?

In The Burden of Better, Heather Creekmore draws on her own struggles with comparison to explore its hidden roots and antidote: grace. With humor, entertaining personal stories, and a heaping dose of empathy, Creekmore takes you on a journey from the life of comparison into the freedom and contentment found by living the life of grace.

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Heather's Newest Release: 30 Days to Feel Grateful You're Aging

For women ages 45 to 65, Aging Gratefully offers humorous encouragement and sincere hope for your stage of life. This isn’t a self-help book that will tell you how to look younger with the right cream or find more energy in 3 easy steps. Instead, it will show you how to view your life with purpose and build on the wisdom you’ve learned by God’s grace.

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Heather's Body Image Story is Relatable, Funny, and Packed With Truth

If you're tired of Christian books that tell you ”It’s what’s on the inside that counts!” and leave you confused as to why you still feel frustration over your body, then Compared to Who? is the book for you. Heather shares her body image freedom journey, the surprising secret that changed the way Heather viewed her body and body image struggles, and specific strategies for getting started on a body image freedom journey.

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A Bible Reading Plan to Improve Your Body Image

Check out Heather's brand new 6-Day Body Image Bible Reading Plan that includes lots of scripture and encouraging daily devotionals. Consider doing it the first week of every month to stay encouraged all year round!

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