See How Getting into God's Word Can Improve Your Body Image Build 

Heather Creekmore has written several Bible reading plans for YouVersion, the Bible App. Each plan contains a devotional and several scriptures to encourage your heart. Don't like to read? Many plans include a listen option so you can engage in God's word while you drive or do household chores.

Heather's YouVersion Bible Reading Plans

6-Day Plan from the 40-Day Body Image Workbook

Are you ready to get serious about tackling your body image issues? Are you tired of being weighed down by aging, weight, food, exercise, or pressure to look a certain way. This 6-Day Bible reading plan will encourage an inspire you!

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Living a Comparison-Free Life

Do you compare yourself to others and constantly fall short? Are you a bit too consumed with keeping up with her, and her, and them? Try laying down the Burden of Better and living the Comparison-Free Life with this 7-Day reading plan.

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Compared to Who? 10-Day Reading Plan

If you've tried all the "Christian ways" to fix your body image, then it's time to try this fresh inspiration from scripture that helps you get real about what you're really chasing: the body image idol. This 10-day plan will set you on a new course to improve your body image as you read God's word.

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Comparison-Free Summer

Is body envy spoiling your holidays? Then check out this 5-Day Bible reading plan to help keep comparison away so you can enjoy the warmer weather and the opportunities it provides!

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Have a Comparison-Free Christmas

This 4-Day reading plan will help encourage you to keep comparison away at Christmas time and all year long.

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