How to Stop Comparing Video: One Hour That Could Change Your Weekend

body image comparison eating disorders weight and dieting Mar 20, 2024
How to Stop Comparing Video: One Hour That Could Change Your Weekend

Ready for the real deal? Want to know how to stop comparing? Then check this out. Last week I had the privilege of participating in a webinar with Constance Rhodes of a ministry called Finding Balance. Check this place out if you have struggled with eating disorders of any kind.

The video is now available for you to watch on Vimeo via this link. If you don’t know a lot about my story, I share it in the first seven minutes of our interview. I also share why I chose the name “Compared to Who?” over “Compared to Whom?” (which, as you Grammar Nazis know – is more correct!).

It was a fun interview. Constance has a lot of experience and knowledge on these issues. She watched bulimia take her mother’s life and wrestled the disease herself. Now, she helps other women with their food related issues. Hope you’ll take a second to watch it and share it with friends or on social media. Chances are you know someone who may be struggling with these issues but hasn’t had the courage to tell anyone about it, yet.

Also, I wanted to tell you that the Compared to Who? You Tube channel has been updated, so click here to check that out.


Need more encouragement? Check out Heather's books here, or her online course and coaching program here. You can also give the Compared to Who? podcast a listen, for twice-weekly encouragement with body image struggles from a Christian standpoint, where she explores all the nitty-gritty details we all face when struggling with body image woes and how to get free.




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