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Could 40-Days Improve Your Body Image?

If you're a Christian woman who has tried everything to improve her body image, yet felt like nothing has worked. This is for you! Spend 40 days searching scripture and answering questions to improve your view of you! Unlike other workbooks, this book reads like a regular, full-size book. Choose to read it like a normal book, or choose to work through it like a course. Either way, you'll be changed!

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Do you spend too much time stressing over your body or appearance?

Are you a Christian woman who is ready to see herself in a new way and be rid of body image frustration?

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What if the words "Aging" and "Grateful" belong together?

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Body Image Issues Don't Have to Weigh You Down.

Hi. I'm Heather Creekmore. I tried every diet, exercise program, and supplement out there, but I still struggled to feel good in my own skin. I pursued everything and anything that could help me improve my body image.

Culture told me to just "love" my body. The Bible told me God cared more about my heart, but somehow neither of these answers seemed to satisfy my longing for body improvement. I felt it was my responsibility as a woman to always try to look "better."

What started as my personal quest to find biblical answers for my insecurities turned into a system that's helped hundreds of my readers, listeners, and clients break free from comparison and body image issues to start living the life God intended.

If you're a Christian woman who is tired of fighting with her body and ready to break free from the life of body shame, food issues, and the non-stop treadmill of body improvement, you've come to the right place! Let's connect so you can get on the path to body image and food freedom too!


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The Body Image Freedom Framework Signature Course & Coaching Program

Shame is healed in community. That's why this signature course includes a private community and an option for one-on-one or group coaching. Together, we'll lay a solid, biblically-based foundation for you to live a life of body image freedom in Christ. 

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What People are Saying . . .


"I love Heather's messages, honesty, and bravery. She goes there, and puts herself out there, for the sake of helping her listeners. Her podcast has been such a blessing and tool in my recovery and the messages in her podcast always hit home! And her books are awesome too!"


"I've learned and grown so much from listening to Heather's podcast. She's not afraid to go to hard places and talk about the issues that are bogging us down. I can't believe how differently I feel about my body now. I have hope I never thought possible."


"I've struggled with body image and eating for 30 years. I've also been in church that long. I thought I'd heard all the Christian answers, but Heather showed me God's truth about my body and the lies I was believing. Her course, coaching, and availability was unmatched. It was worth every penny."


"Thank you, Heather. Coaching changed my life. I didn't think it would work, I didn't know how it could work because I thought I'd tried everything. But, you found a way to touch my heart and help me dig into places I didn't know I needed to go to find true freedom. The body image course and your coaching was exactly what I needed."

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The Compared to Who? Podcast

Listen as host Heather Creekmore encourages you with ways to improve your relationship with your body and food. This top-ranked podcast encourages thousands of women around the globe each week. New episodes drop every Tuesday and Friday. Listen and subscribe today or watch the recordings on YouTube!



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Christian Books to Improve Body Image 

Heather has written several books that offer encouragement, help, and healing through Scripture for body image and comparison issues. With humor, grace, and biblical truth, nationally known body image coach Heather Creekmore will help you rethink everything you thought you knew about body image, food, and why we compare ourselves to others. You'll find Heather so relatable, you may wonder if she's been reading your mail!


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Christian Body Image Coaching

Heather's signature Christian body image course and coaching program allows you to work directly with Heather for personalized help with your body image struggles. Heather acts as a trusted guide, a spiritual mentor, and a "not-afraid-to-push-a-little" coach to help you get to the roots of your body image issues so that you can find new freedom in Christ. You can choose to work through the course on your own, work through it one-on-one with Heather, or work through content with a group for encouragement and accountability. 


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Must-Listen Podcast Episodes

The Compared to Who? podcast looks at body image issues through a biblical lens. Listen wherever you get your podcasts or search the episode list here.

Christian woman with body image issues

Improve Body Image 101

You know you don't love your body, but do you really have "body image issues?" You've tried diets and other things to fix the way you look and, hopefully, how you feel about it. But, nothing seems to work. This episode lays the foundation of what Compared to Who? is all about. If you've ever felt frustrated over your size or appearance, there's something here for you!

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Woman excited because she's fixed body image issues

I Just Want to Feel "Okay" in My Body

You're not trying to look like a super model, you're just a Christian woman wrestling the question: Is my body good enough? You're sure you'll feel okay in your body once you lose a few pounds or tone the parts. So, what's wrong with that? Heather unpacks what's under our desire to have a body we feel good about.

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What the Gospel Speaks to Our Body Image Issues

Whether you're struggling with aging, weight changes, or just have never felt like you've had a good relationship with your body, the good news is, you're not alone. And, the best news is, the Gospel of Jesus Christ has something to say to all of these ways that we struggle!

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6 Things for a Christian Woman to Do When She "Feels Fat"

Of course, fat isn't a feeling, but who can't relate to having a day where you just feel "bleh" about your body? Heather talks about what’s under the surface of our “bleh” body feelings and how we can ask ourselves questions to try to separate what we are feeling emotionally, from how our bodies look. 

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From the Blog

Compared to Who? the blog houses more than 500 articles on topics ranging from aging to body image idolatry, to encouragement for moms, men, and teens.

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