Not Your Grandma's Book on Aging

Though concerns around aging affect women of all life stages, Aging Gratefully is written with women in mid-life in mind. Topics covered include: entering a new season of life, changing bodies, menopause, memory challenges, facing marriage in mid-life, empty nest, losing loved ones, being in the "sandwich" stage (raising kids while caring for aging parents), and more. Though every woman can find some nuggets of encouragement and truth in this book, if you're between the ages of 40 and 65, it's especially for you!

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30 Days of Encouraging, Scripture-Packed Devotions

Through this 30-day journey you'll find out why aging and gratefully really do belong together. If you've felt any thing but thankful for aging's trials and challenges, this beautiful devotional will encourage your heart and even give you a specific thing to be thankful for each day. Plus, each day includes a prayer prompt and a practical action step to help you put what you've learned into action. 

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Why Do We Stress Over Gray Hair When the Bible Calls Them a Crown?

There are so many differences between the way the world thinks about aging and the way the Word encourages us to look at it. If you've bought into the lie that fighting aging is the only way to cope, consider this fresh perspective and encouraging perspective.

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Aging. Grateful. Those are two words you don't usually see in a sentence together. 


Culture tells us that aging involves wrinkles, extra pounds, arthritis, and graying hair. And its answer to aging's many problems is always: Fight back!

And we do, wearing ourselves out physically, emotionally, and spiritually in the process. But the Bible speaks about aging differently--that each year is a gift from God.

This book offers humorous encouragement and sincere hope for your aging struggles, especially in midlife. 

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Endorsements for Aging Gratefully

This Book is a Treasure 

"It’s fun, funny, and so biblically sound. The author has captured all the angst, conflicting emotions, thoughts, and struggles we experience as we age and paired it with truth from God’s Word not only to make us feel better about aging, but to help us feel empowered. There are so many reasons to be grateful as we grow older. How wonderful to be reminded of them in such a wise and humorous way. I feel like the author’s been sitting with my friends and me as we talk about the challenges of aging and our desire to finish well. This is going to be my birthday gift for every friend over 50 from here on out."

Our Daily Bread website five star review by

This Book Is for All Ages!

"I was given this book as a gift, and the person didn't know that my 65th birthday was approaching. Social Security, here I come! Boy, did I need this shot in the arm! Heather Creekmore brings the strength of God's Word to me each night before I sleep, making my slumbers more peaceful and bringing my insomnia to a halt! I used to wake at 3am ruminating over everything; I've been finding a more relaxed bedtime since beginning this devotional. AND I bought it for a friend's 60th birthday. I love this book and the Truth it brings to this aging soul. I just don't understand why the description says, "For women ages 45 to 65,..."; this book is perfect for anyone 45 to 100. We all need God's Truth about our beautiful, yet aging and amazing bodies and spirits. Thank you, Heather, for sharing your talent of encouragement and joy of life in the Lord!"

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Heather's a Friend Who Helps You Reframe the Changes, and Laugh About Them

"Wrinkles. Slowing metabolism. Forgetfulness. Changing hormones. Aches and pains that appear out of nowhere. Ask any woman about the changes accompanying age and you’re sure to hear some of these. But what if we take these same transitions and shift our perspective, turning discouragement into a heart of gratitude? In Aging Gratefully, Heather Creekmore masterfully turns our face to God rather than the mirror. She’s the friend you want to laugh about the changes, reframe how you think about aging, and keep your eyes fixed on Jesus as you do. Aging Gratefully is the companion you need as you step into the next phase of life with confidence and gratitude for the story God has (and continues to) created in you."


Amy Connell, Personal Trainer, Podcast Host, Speaker and Author

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