40 Days of Thought-Provoking Encouragement

Are you ready for a book that will take you deeper into the why behind your body image issues? Then, the 40-Day Body Image Workbook is for you. Through humor, grace, and an authentic look at a Christian woman's struggle with body and food, you'll be encouraged to find a new path out of body image frustration and into body image freedom!

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Improve Your Body Image as Part of Your Daily Routine

Chances are, you've tried everything. You've tried the food plans. You've tried the exercise plans. And, you still feel all the stress over what your body looks like. How about trying something different? This 40-day journey is the perfect way to add body image healing to your daily routine. Read it at your pace, on your schedule, and work through the exercises little-by-little so you can make peace with your body.

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Get Real Body Image Help, Grounded in Scripture

Perhaps you've heard you just need to, "Love your body" . . . Or, maybe you've heard it's wrong to think about your body at all! Somewhere between hearing that we're "fearfully and wonderfully made" and that God looks at our hearts, the messages we've received about our bodies, caring for them, and what they should look like, have been confusing. Even in the church! This book digs into scripture and examines what God really says about our bodies and food.

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"This is a 40-day journey to rethink everything you thought you knew about food, your appearance, and your body. There's no other resource out there as thought-provoking and encouraging as this Christian body image workbook!"

- Erin Todd, Intuitive Eating for Christian Women

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When you purchase the workbook you'll receive 5 free walking workouts that match the content. They're specially designed to help you process the workbook content.  

Endorsements for the 40-Day Body Image Workbook

Amy Carlson, MS, RD, LD, Co-Founder Peace With Food App

"Having worked in the field of nutrition and eating disorders for over 25 years, I can whole heartedly say we are in desperate need of this workbook. I see the impact in my work every day of the endless search for the “next diet” that will be our savior. When we are in need of the one true Savior. Heather’s heart for others to know this truth and be free of the endless cycle of body shame is so clear in this wonderfully written workbook.

Heather’s heart for others to know they are loved and seen by GOD comes across beautifully in this experiential workbook. We live in a generation in desperate need of these truths."


Allie Marie Smith, Founder & Director, Wonderfully Made

“Filled with hope and truth, this workbook offers Christian women a Biblically-based, transformative guide to break free from body shame, find freedom and step into their God-given purpose. It is a courageous invitation to change how you think about your body so you can live the abundant life you've been created for.”

Erin Davis, Author, Bible Teacher, Podcast Host

"Heather Creekmore makes me smile, and then, she makes me think. Her 40-Day Body Image Workbook is not just another tool that dangles the carrot of freedom from body shame in front of you but fails to make a lasting difference. It’s a journey toward a deeper understanding of your design and your Designer. Over and over again, Heather will remind you that your ultimate goal is not a better view of yourself, but a clearer view of the God who made you. Heather will make you smile and then, she will make you think. She will be your biggest cheerleader as you move from frustration to freedom."

Leslie P. Schilling, RDN, Author of "Feed Yourself"

“While taking you deep into real world experiences, your own body image journey, and scripture, Heather Creekmore reminds you there are no crowns in Heaven for reaching diet culture’s goals. This workbook can bring you closer to God and your authentic self.”

Dr. Michelle Bengtson Board Certified Clinical Neuropsychologist, Author, Podcast Host

“Heather Creekmore has done it again! She has addressed the sensitive but important topic of body image with her customary combination of authenticity, compassion, and wit. Each day of her 40 Day Body Image Workbook is packed with humorous but relatable anecdotes, biblical truth, and frank encouragement. Body image issues aren't a laughing matter, but they are a marketers’ dream money making endeavor with false promises and flat platitudes that usually leave us feeling worse about ourselves. Heather shares from her hard-fought journey as she holds the mirror of truth before her reader for them to see them as God does: made in his image, loved, valued, and adored! As you change what you think on the inside, you will begin to see the beauty in the truth that you are already enough just as you are!”

Shannon Popkin, Podcaster, Speaker, Author of "Comparison Girl"

 “Instead of yet another diet, promising to “fix” what you see in the mirror, this workbook helps you start healing your body image from the inside out. With humor and "been there" compassion, Heather reads our minds, lists out our thoughts, then gives us what we most need: the Truth, straight from God's word.”

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A Bible Reading Plan to Improve Your Body Image

Check out Heather's brand new 6-Day Body Image Bible Reading Plan that includes lots of scripture and encouraging daily devotionals. Consider doing it the first week of every month to stay encouraged all year round!

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