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Free Ways to Improve Your Body Image

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Christian Body Image Bible Reading Plans on YouVersion 

Heather Creekmore from Compared to Who? has brand new Bible reading plans available on YouVersion – the Bible App!

Check out this BRAND NEW 10-Day Body Image Reading Plan from Compared to Who? It’s available absolutely free through You Version, the Bible App. Don’t like to read? No problem. Choose to listen to the plan by pressing the play button at the bottom of each screen. This is a great way to take a fresh look at your body image issues and start on the path to healing and freedom!

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Are you ready to stop comparing and start living? Try this free 7-day Bible reading plan on You Version taken from Heather's book, "The Burden of Better." Loaded with scripture to read each day, the plan will help you find the roots of comparison and see God's path out.

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Personality & Body Image Issues: Why We Manage Our Image

What if managing your image was about more than just your body? Have you ever felt yourself trying to manage your personality? Have you ever tried to portray an "image" of yourself that was more like your ideal than perhaps like you were actually wired? Today, Heather...

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Should I Be Sugar-Free? Intuitive Eating Coaching Call

Today Heather talks to her Intuitive Eating Coaches -- Erin Todd and Char-Lee Haze from the Intuitive Eating for Christian Women podcast -- about whether or not you can be "sugar-free" while practicing intuitive eating. Char-Lee lays out a framework for making...

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Shopping & Body Image Issues

In today's Black Friday episode of the show, Heather talks about the connection between body image issues and shopping! If you've ever found yourself trying to soothe your body image frustration through buying clothes or buying things . . .you're not alone. Today's show offers practical tips for getting our shopping habits under control.

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